Operating Principle

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    Parking Made Simple

    Comfort and safety

    Parking is often a matter of crucial fractions of an inch just outside the line of vision. With the Park Pilot, maneuvering is child's play, even in tight spaces.

    Perfectly Matched to your Vehicle

    The advanced technology of the new Park Pilot generation from Bosch is ideally suited to virtually every vehicle. The paint-to-match sensors are quick and easy to add to any make and model.


    Safety for Front and Rear

    Three or four rear-end sensors fitted to suit the width of the vehicle ensure a broad detection range. The perfect safety package is rounded off by the front-end system with four sensors. The Stand Alone front-end system can be installed on its own or as an addition to a standard rear-end system.

    A Sound Investment

    It can cost anywhere between €250 and €450 to repair scratches and dents and even as much as €500 or more for a damaged bumper. That makes the Bosch Park Pilot excellent value for money. Just one repair less is enough to cover the expense.


    Trailer Towing

    Park Pilot in combination with a trailer coupling? No problem with the new Bosch Park Pilot. And an optional switch makes it possible to deactivate the Park Pilot when towing a trailer.